Armoured Security Cabin


5,000 Products in the Field

The Armoured Security Cabin provides on-duty personnel with a protected environment against threats from all directions (360 degree) The firing ports located on all four sides and in the door of the cabin allow the personnel inside the opportunity to safely respond to external threats, creating an important deterrent.

More than 5,000 Armoured Security Cabins have been produced and delivered to end users by Best Grup.

Technical Specifications

  • Inside Area of Use: 200 x 200 cm (+5 cm)
  • Inside Height: 240 cm (+5 cm)
  • Heating: 2,000 Watt radiator-type convector heater
  • Cooling: 9,000 BTU capacity inverter air conditioner
  • Outdoor Lighting: 100 Watt all-round LED projectors
  • Floor Covering: 2.5 mm thick, fire-resistant PVC flooring material (item number 25.116/A4)


  • Easy-to-carry strap on the top
  • 20 cm-diameter air ventilation fan
  • Mono-block door with lock
  • Public address system for communication with outside

Armoured Shield Set


Mobile Protection Solutions

We can produce full-size and half-size Armoured Shield Sets in accordance with the specific needs of security forces. We produce these products to meet the desired protection level with the lowest possible weight, comprising three identical panels. Thanks to their modular structure, the panels are interchangeable. Each features a sliding firing port. The shield set can be easily moved to the desired location thanks to the built-in outriggers on the panels. After the product has been set up in the desired location, it can be fixed to the ground by its built-in outriggers. The ballistic glass on the panels increases the situational awareness of the personnel, without compromising their protection.

Currently, there are more than 5,000 Armoured Shield Sets in use by the security forces.

Technical Specifications (Full Size)

  • Weight of each panel: 510 kg
  • Size of each panel: 76.2 x 65.6 x 170.5 cm
  • Size of ballistic glass: 20 x 50 cm