Customer Tailored Solutions

Best Grup satisfies a wide variety of end-user needs, from weapon systems to armoured vehicles, from remote-control construction vehicles to unmanned land vehicles, and from hidden armour solutions to integrated facility security solutions.

We are able to redesign our products in line with customer requirements to meet their precise needs. Many manufacturers in the defence sector are reluctant to adapt their fixed and foreign dependent configurations. Our ability to make such adaptions is one of the main points that distinguish us from the competition.

The Right Place for Solutions to Challenging Problems: Best Grup

The ability to design user-specific solutions requires deep field experience and engineering know-how. We can reflect such experience in our work, given the design capabilities that we have developed over the years. Accordingly, our team is made up primarily of engineers and technicians with experience in their respective fields.

This experience has also allowed us to develop our integration capabilities, and as a result, we are able to respond to such requests from our customers as payload integration and product modification in a very short time. This flexibility has gained Best Grup a reputation as a company that can come up with solutions to challenging problems in the defence sector in a short time.

Cost-effective and Competitive Products

We have accumulated deep sectoral experience over our many years in the defence sector, and have gained also significant capabilities in project and process management, allowing us to offer much more favourable solutions than our competitors in terms of cost and time.

We Grow with New Infrastructures

Currently, we are operating in six facilities with a total area of 25,000 square meters in Kahramankazan, Ankara. We are expecting to complete the construction of our new facility as part of our investment in the Ankara Aerospace Industrial Zone (HAB).

We are Open to Joint Production Models for Exports

We export our products to friendly and allied nations, in line with Türkiye’s foreign policy, and are open to joint production projects in these countries. In addition, one of our company’s benefits is that it does not follow ITAR (International Traffic in Arms Regulations) regulations.

We Can Take the Roles of Both the Subcontractor and the Main Contractor

We remain open to various business models in the projects we undertake. We know very well the requirements of the main contractor and subcontractor roles, and can meet the requirements of both.

Proof of Our Success

14,000 Products of Various Kinds Operating in the Field

Hidden Armoured SUVs and Hidden Armoured Pickup Trucks
Armoured Ambulances
Armoured Security Cabins
Armoured Shield Sets
Various Remote-Control Armoured Construction Vehicles
TOSUN Remote Controlled Armoured Loaders
Hidden Armoured Pickup Trucks Equipped with Concealable KORALP RCWS

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