Turnkey Secure Facilities

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We Can Meet Needs of All Kinds through Our Broad Ecosystem

We can provide effective solutions for facility security-related projects thanks to our experience in armour solutions, our integration and engineering capabilities, and our expansive ecosystem.

We install integrated border security systems utilizing various subsystems provided by different manufacturers. Within this process, our broad ecosystem allows us to come up with alternative solutions that can meet customer needs, and to offer turnkey solutions to our customers. Our current ecosystem includes companies specialized in various fields, from radar systems, to anti-drone systems and electro-optical monitors.

Our product range in this field includes many solutions that have been developed into off-the-shelf products. Moreover, we can analyse the needs of our customers and offer them specific facility security solutions.

Armoured Main Entrance Buildings

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Ideal for Long Term-Missions

We offer our Armoured Main Entrance Building solution to users who need a larger structure than the Armoured Security Cabin. This building features all-round armour protection and many features for the comfort of the personnel on duty.

To date, many Main Entrance Buildings have been armoured for many different end users.


  • Control room
  • Surveillance (camera) room
  • Counter area
  • Resting room
  • Dressing room
  • Toilet
  • Shower