SE Makine

This company was established in 2002 under the name “Se Technology Solutions”, and started serving in the defence sector in 2010. Having conducted many projects on unmanned systems, remote-control systems and electromechanical systems, we incorporated the company into our Grup.

Otonom Teknoloji

Otonom Teknoloji, which we joined as a partner in 2022, is an engineering and technology company engaged in long-endurance unmanned aerial vehicle-based solutions, addressing a broad range of needs including border security, reconnaissance and surveillance, communication, search and rescue, and precision agricultural activities. The company offers innovative solutions based on its original aerostat and cabled drone products.

BCS Glass

In 2019, we established BCS Glass for the production of ballistic glasses – one of the most important elements affecting the armour protection of vehicles. We established this company together with reliable solution partners operating in the defence and aerospace sector, aiming to meet the needs of manufacturers of armoured vehicles, armoured cabins and armoured buildings.
Best Metal Coating

Best Metal Coating

Best Metal Coating was established in 2021 to provide full automatic hard anodized coating and chromate alodine coating services.