A 4×4 Armoured Vehicle Free from Export Restrictions

Developed specifically for operations in urban areas, AŞKAR stands out with its agility and manoeuvrability. Offering a high level of ballistic and mine protection to its users, this vehicle can reach speeds of up to 150 km per hour. AŞKAR also offers superior performance in the field as a result of its various capabilities, including its ability to ford 1-meter-deep waters, to climb 40% slopes, and to traverse a 20% side slope.

Another significant advantage of AŞKAR is that it has been developed free from the export restrictions that may be applied by other countries. All of the parts procured from abroad and used on the vehicle are commercial automotive components that can be procured from elsewhere.

AŞKAR has a user-friendly control system that can be operated following brief and simple training.

AŞKAR has two versions: SUV and pickup truck. The SUV version can be equipped with a KORALP RCWS carrying a machine gun with calibres of 5.56–14.5 mm. Aside from the main gun, a KORALP system with a 20 mm automatic cannon can be installed on the pickup truck version. This can provide pickup trucks with high firepower, carrying two independent weapon systems.

AŞKAR’s rear passenger doors are opened in the opposite direction (backward), thus providing protection and a tactical advantage during entry to/exit from the vehicle in urban areas where the location of the threat is unclear.

Technical Specifications

  • Power Train: Continuous 4×4 drive
  • Engine: 3.0 Turbo Diesel TDI / V6
  • Speed: 150 km/sa.
  • Range: 700 km
  • Crew: 4+1


  • Heavy duty suspension system
  • Central tyre inflation system (CTIS)
  • Positive pressure system
  • Siren and PA system
  • Remote-control projector
  • Heavy-duty air conditioning system
  • Firing ports
  • Superior field capability


  • High ballistic and mine protection
  • Smoke grenade launchers
  • Fire extinguishing and explosion suppression system
  • Run-flat tires and military rims
  • Emergency evacuation cover