Civilian-like Armoured Vehicles

With 3,000 armoured vehicles delivered to the Turkish Armed Forces to date, we are highly experienced in the armouring of SUVs and pickup trucks of all brands that are widely preferred in the market. We offer Hidden Armoured SUVs and Hidden Armoured Pickup Trucks as off-the-shelf products to our customers.

These vehicles offer a high level of protection against explosive and ballistic threats. Since our hidden armouring technology is applied from inside the vehicle, an untrained eye cannot tell that the vehicle is armoured. We also integrate concealable KORALP remote controlled weapon system (RCWS) onto such vehicles upon customer request. Civilian-like vehicles have thus become ideal platforms for operational and protection missions.

Technical Specifications

Hidden Armoured SUV Hidden Armoured Pickup Truck
Power train 4 × 4 4 × 4
Engine V8 4.5 D-4D 3.0 Turbo Dizel / V6
Range 700 km 700 km
Speed 150 km / h 150 km / h
Crew 4 + 1 4 + 1


  • Concealable KORALP RCWS integration option
  • Heavy duty suspension system
  • Reinforced damper system, brake system, spiral and stabilizer bars
  • 30% Gradient
  • In-vehicle communication system
  • Day and night vision systems
  • Heavy-duty air conditioning system


  • Automatic fire extinguishing and explosion suppression system
  • Run-flat tires and military rims
  • Emergency evacuation cover