More than 400,000 Hours in the Field

Best Grup is the leading and most experienced actor in the field of Remote-Control Armoured Backhoe Loaders, having developed the first product to enter the inventory of users in Türkiye. This achievement is based on our high engineering capabilities, which enable us to respond rapidly to user demands.

Our indigenously developed armoured and remote-control construction equipment have had the ear of their users in a short time and have outperformed their competitors in terms of total hours of use in the field.

To date, we have delivered over 280 different types of armoured construction equipment to users. The total operation time of these vehicles in the field has reached 400,000 hours.

TOSUN Remote-Control Armoured Loader

The remote-control feature of our vehicle, as well as the high ballistic and mine protection it offers, ensure threats are eliminated without endangering human life through unmanned use.

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Armoured Mini Loader

Terrorist acts in city centres in recent years have clarified the need for construction equipment that can manoeuvre in narrow streets where larges vehicles cannot enter.

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Armoured Heavy Rescue Vehicle

Featuring a high-level of ballistic protection, this vehicle has a crane capable of lifting 3 main battle tanks from the ground. It can even lift and carry a tank when the boom is at its full extension.

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Armoured Backhoe Loader

This vehicle is Türkiye’s first remote-control armoured backhoe loader, and has been designed especially for operations performed in cramped spaces and that require rapid interventions.

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