Saving Lives Under Armour Protection

Our Armoured Ambulance solution has been developed to allow security forces to quickly respond to casualties under armour protection during operations both in urban areas and in the field.

Through applications from inside the vehicle, we provide concealed armour protection to such vehicles, which contain all of the emergency medical response equipment normally found in an ambulance. We can thus offer to users vehicles that look like civilian ambulances, upon request. We can also deliver armoured ambulances with a tactical appearance to our customers These vehicles offer a high level of ballistic protection.

Currently, we have 50 Armoured Ambulances in the inventories of various end users.

Technical Specifications

  • Power Train: 4×2 or 4×4 options
  • Engine: 6.7 L Power Stroke V8 Turbo Diesel
  • Crew: Driver, vehicle commander and 2 medical personnel,
  • Casualty Carrying Capacity: 2 on stretchers or 1 on a stretcher + 3 seated
  • Vehicle Doors: 1 Door on the Right Side, 1 Door on the Left Side, 1 Wing Door at the Rear


  • Heavy duty suspension system
  • Heavy-duty air conditioning system
  • Siren announcement and lighting system
  • Ventilation fans
  • Firing ports
  • Superior field capabilities
  • Self-rescue hoist
  • Stretcher skid system


  • Automatic fire extinguishing and explosion suppression system
  • Run-flat tires and military rims
  • Emergency evacuation cover
  • Blackout system